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Work w/ E.C.

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Public Speaker

Our greatest efforts and most impactful moments are shown in how we inspire and connect with the communities around us.

E.C. is an experienced corporate trainer and public speaker, the has spoken on topics ranging from navigating the design industry, the power of diversity in tech, minority entrepreneurship, Trans visibility in the workplace, and the path to becoming a change maker. Whether speaking to a room full of excited graduates ready to take on the world, a motivated team dedicated to their professional development, or in a space full of activated entrepreneurs, he is known for keynotes and workshops that are engaging, interactive, relatable, and deeply informative. Speaking engagements are one of the best ways to activate E.C.’s efforts toward shifting the corporate climate for marginalized communities.

1:1 Branding Audit & Roadmap

There comes a time in every business when you look at your current branding and realize, “It’s time for the next level.”

That next level looks different for every entrepreneur and business owner. Maybe the next level is hiring your first branding professional professional to help you with a cohesive brand identity and maybe it’s rebranding your longstanding business for something that is more modern and eye-catching. Ang maybe that next level is simply deciding to allow your brand to tell your personal narrative and begin to lay the foundation for your business to be the catalyst of your personal freedom! As an award-winning brand designer and corporate consultant, E.C.’s brand audits and roadmaps will help you gain clarity, creative direction, and professional resources as you step into your next level of success.


1Z2R Design Firm

Cohesive branding and good design are leading players in the success of your business and projects. 

E.C.'s creative design firm, 1Z2R, provides design project management services for virtual and in-person events, website design, professional “behind-the-scenes” content capture, and webmaster services for small businesses and larger corporations alike. His team works to design creative and modern branding that strategically positions his clients for long-term growth and success with their talents and businesses.

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