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About E.C.

The corporate story.

E.C. is the creative director of his design and brand management firm, 1Z2R, and the executive director of TransTech Social. He is also the founder of Marsha’s Web, a resource directory for TLGBQIA+ communities that centers BIPOC Transgender, Intersex, and GNC business owners/organizations. His work strategically positions his clients and communities for long-term growth and success with their talents and businesses. Some of his clients and projects include Minister Toya, Laughter at the Altar, The Culture of Money, Seagate Technology, Ballroom We Care, Side by Side VA, Miss Ross Inc, Nearlywed Summit, and Highlander Center.

As a community advocate and entrepreneur, E.C. has been recognized by Marsha P Johnson Institute with their 2023 Legacy Award, listed as one of the 2022 Out100 LGBTQ+ Policy Makers and Advocates Changing the World, and the 2023 Esteem Award for National Outstanding Service with Pride Index. Since becoming the executive director of TransTech Social, E.C. has secured funding from donors like Goldman Sachs, Plume, Grindr, Drizly, and Uber. He has also facilitated partnerships with organizations like PrideLive for the official Stonewall National Monument Visitors Center (SNMVC), Masterclass, and 

My work represents and celebrates the beautiful intersections of being Black, trans, and corporate.
- E.C. III

Now, a word from E.C.

In order to understand the importance of some of my story, there are a few words you’ll need to know. The first is stealth. Stealth is a transgender person that has transitioned and is not open about being transgender to anyone. The other is low-disclosure. Low-disclosure means very few people are aware that one is transgender. With that information, I’m excited to share some of my story.

Purple Abstract

Throughout my transition and the early years of my career, I focused my efforts on sharpening my skills, creating space for my natural talent, and owning my identity. As a professional brand designer and digital artist, I won awards like the Marcom Award 2016 and 2017, gold and platinum winners, respectively. Navigating the corporate jungle as a Black man of trans* experience, required me to learn how to overcome many challenges and new hurdles every step of the way. However, with these experiences and my training as a public speaker, I have confidently educated and encouraged emerging designers to find their style in the white male-dominated design industry.

In 2012, after experiencing a major family loss and many life shifts - I completed my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. Stepping out into the corporate world was not only out of my comfort zone but brought along new challenges as a man of trans experience. I had to decide, did I want to prioritize my safety and career development or be forced to affirm my identity to everyone around me. I decided to live myself stealth.


While working on the Inaugural National Trans Visibility March in 2019, as the director of social media and marketing, I officially  left the corporate world and shifted my life from stealth to low-disclosure.

Pictured l to r: E.C. Pizarro III, Tabytha Gonzalez, Marissa Miller, Bamby Salcedo, Luckie Fuller (Washington, DC)

In the early months of 2020, I closed my last corporate contract job and began working strictly on my terms as an entrepreneur, designer, and artist. While there were a list of catalysts that drove me to that transition, it was yet another transforming space in my life. My life had officially shifted from low-disclosure to being publicly bold, vocal, and visible.

TransTech - Oct 29_20384_edited.jpg

Using my talent and skills to serve my community has allowed me to carve out a life of personal and professional freedom that I never imagined possible. The intention of my work is to show my communities that technology is the most powerful tool for storytelling and self-discovery. Through media, design, communication, UX,  cyber security, data analytics, and engineering we can revolutionize the technology industry and take liberation into our own hands.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to speak and work with BuzzFeed, Yale University, Power to Fly, TransTech Summit, American Bar Association, Florida International University, and many others.

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Have E.C. at your next event

E.C. is an experienced corporate trainer and speaker on topics like navigating the design industry, impactful branding, minority entrepreneurship, Trans visibility in the workplace, and diversity in tech. His speeches and presentations are engaging, relatable, and deeply informative.
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