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Beyond Binary: How to Build a Gender-Expansive & Inclusive Tech Industry

When it comes to gender inclusivity and diversity in hiring, pay parity, and workplace culture, let’s face it: The tech industry is late to the game.

A true dedication to improving DE&I isn’t just about accepting people into a space, it’s about laying an unshakeable foundation of respect, support, and affirmation so that people can truly thrive.

For this month’s episode of TEQ, I am delighted to have the Executive Director of TransTech Social, E.C. Pizarro III.

Founded by media star and trailblazer Angelica Ross, TransTech Social is a co-learning and co-working community created to empower, educate, and employ the LGBTQIA+ community. Together, E.C. and I will discuss the trailblazing work they do to help marginalized communities economically thrive and how this work in impacting the tech industry.

See Full interview below.


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