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E.C. Pizarro III

We are a force by simply being present, vocal advocates, and willing to bet on ourselves!

1:1 Branding Roadmap

Your roadmap to success. If you are looking to propel your brand to the next level, a Branding Roadmap will be your best tool for success! Gain clarity, creative direction, and professional resources.


Speaker. Educator. Leader. 

E.C is a professional speaker on topics like entrepreneurship, corporate accountability, Trans visibility, and inspiring upcoming designers at your next event.


It is important that professionals in the industry stand with one another. Work with personalized mentoring to navigate career pain points, a current project, client interactions, and everything in between.

1Z2R Design Firm

Branding and design services are provided by E.C. and his team through his design firm 1Z2R. 1Z2R creates cohesive and creative branding that positions their clients for success while connecting with their business and brand.

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About E.C.

Out100 2022: LGBTQ+ Policy Makers and Advocates Changing the World

E.C Pizarro III is a brand designer and entrepreneur that has been leaving footprints in the design and tech industries for over 12 years. As the Creative Director of his design firm, 1Z2R, his team creates branding and digital content for entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies alike. E.C is also the Executive Director of TransTech Social Enterprises and the founder of Marsha’s Web (a resource directory for TLGBQIA+ communities that centers BIPOC Transgender, Intersex, and GNC business owners/organizations).


E.C works to inspire emerging designers to have confidence in their brand and their talents. His advocacy, work ethic, and vast knowledge also supports tech agencies as they foster a foundation for success within marginalized communities.

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